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M2K Construction executed a slope reconstruction for the pre-existing Iona Island Jetty. The Jetty is approximately 4 km long and contains twin concrete pipes. The reconstruction required 70,000 tonnes of new rock be attentively placed amongst existing large rip rap boulders.

Project Challenges: The new rock needed to be placed on the other side of the large pipes that were 20 feet wide.  In order to gain access to the other side of the pipes one excavator stayed on each side of the pipes.  The 70,000 tonnes of rock was passed from one excavator to the other, one rock at a time.  The 1 to 2 meter rocks had to be placed to within 10 cm of design slopes.  Timber mats were placed above the pipes in case a rock was dropped.

Project Highlights:  M2K mitigated potential damage to the pipes by building a temporary timber and lock block bridge which protected the pipes.  No structural damage to the pipes occurred.  Only 6 tonne of the 70,000 tonne of material was out of specification, less than 0.009%.