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Final Works

M2K extended 2.5 acres of existing shoreline Northwards, allowing for a 1 km extension and installation of new railroad track at Pacific Coast Terminals in Port Moody, B.C. This project was valued at $4,250,000 million dollars and involved installing a 2,000 lock-block retaining wall and 350 lineal meters of new sloped shoreline at the edge of the ocean.

Project Challenges: The project location posed many challenges, for instance it was surrounded by a bustling operational railroad terminal yard.  Also, the base of the new wall and slope was 15 feet below the existing railroad.  The tide resulted in the bottom of the new wall and slope being under water 20 hours per day.  To prevent silt from leaving the construction zone silt booms were deployed to prevent seepage.  Tide and daily marine traffic required constant maintenance of the silt boom.    The construction of the new slopes unearthed a large quantity of very old shoreline contamination.

Project Highlights: The project in water works schedule was reduced from 7 months to 3 and was completed ahead of schedule.  The contamination was cleaned up to the meeting all requirements of the environmental team.